Saturday, April 21, 2007

MaxTrax Duathlon Race Report

What a great race! Not only how the event was put on but my personal result expectations where exceeded... I like it when that happens.

There is something about having your body marked with your race number that makes you feel like this is more than just some local event. May have to do with this was my first "road" duathlon.

As always I'm at the venue early eager to get started but this time I wanted to make sure I had a good spot in the transitions area. Local Hermann Tri Guy Jose was at the event too, Dawndi made the trip as well and so did my Mom and her Husband to give support.

Bike and shoes were all set up in the transitions area... all I have to do now is get warmed up.

This is Jose tyring to figure out something... now sure what it it though...

The race got started with a 2.5 mile run. I got my self up front with a strategy to go hard on the run trying to distance myself from the pack the best I could then let things play out from there. I had a good run with a split of 16 min 25 seconds. That an average of 6.5 min miles. I was flying, my best min mile is 6 min 20 seconds or so. My goal for the run was 18 min or better.

Transition to bike went well and I was off, my goal for this stage of the race was 41 min. I felt like I passed a few at the beginning then settled in quickly. I played cat a mouse with two racers for most of the bike leg. However near the end a new racer was closing in on me eventually passing me at the end of the bike. I finished the 14 mile bike with a split of 45 min 10 seconds, bit slower than what I had in mind. My goal was a 22 mph average, came in at 19.20.

Another good transition from bike to run and off I went. The fella that passed me near the end of the bike leg was only 30 yards or so in front of me when we started the run. This gave me the motivation to keep up my pace as I wanted to overtake him and anyone else I could before the end. The 2nd run was much slower with a split of 18 min, 2 seconds.. but still a good 7.5 min mile pace.

I was able to catch the guy in front of me and one other but was also passed by two before all was said and done. I crossed the line in 29th overall out of 122 racers and 5th for my age group out of 15 racers with a time of 1 hour 21 min, just one min over my target time. Take a look at my age group: 3rd, 4th and 5th was a close race, I was within 1 min of getting a podium spot!

Truly and excellent day of race!


  1. Good job, Jeff. That's is some serious running.
    I'm off for Dubuque

  2. Awesome report JY- You were cookin' Good Job

  3. Congrats! I wish I could run that fast. All your hard work is paying off. I might see you at the Highland Duathlon. If not, then the State TT.