Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Game of Tag

Tagged....!I've been tagged by Carl up in Iowa. The point of the exercise is this: If you get tagged you have to post six "interesting" things about yourself on your blog and then tag six more people.

1. Studied Architecture in college, ended up working in the call center/ customer service/ banking industry... go figure.

2. Smoked, chewed tobacco and weighed 45 more pounds then I do now just 5 years ago. Sometimes I would chew and smoke at the same time. Then there were the days when I was traveling a bit for work. Chained smoked in the car and while in bed at hotels. I think I would vomit now.

3. Been married for almost 10 wonderful years!

4. Before cycling I was a 2 handicap golfer and played in several tournaments

5. In high school my friends and I all had CB radios hooked up in our cars, my "handle" was Hurricane.

6. Dabbled in some sculpture work several years back. Created several sculptures, sold a few and kept the rest. Here is one titled "The Dance"

Most of the folks I would have tagged have already been tagged...
Have a great day!


  1. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Awesome Sculpture! Sure are a lot of ex-smokers- It'll be about a year in March for me!

  2. Congrats on kicking the habbit and getting a new one!

  3. Dude!!! You're like an artist and stuff. That's so cool!!

  4. Jy - those tag facts are halarious. I had no idea you used to be a double for John Daily. Did you gamble too!! Glad you've kicked the habits and now are kicking butt on the bike.

    Nice job on the artwork btw.