Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Sun is Lazy

Being that I'm on a early am training schedule this lazy sun has got me out later then I would like here of I busted out the lights that will get me through till the next time change. I tip my cup to falling back an hour.


  1. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Beautiful pics....

  2. Anonymous9:14 PM

    FRIEND-OUT-LAW said...
    Don't you love this time of year. Once you get over the need to be "training" and every ride is a vital part of a workout schedule - it can be a lot of fun to be out there with some friends and the lights. But wait, I gotta get out of here - the rollers are calling me.

  3. Morning riding is where it is at! No better way to start your day. Nice pics!

  4. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Beautiful country. Hey if you have a Bike tech vest you would part with, let me know.
    Hope to see you again sometime.

  5. Landon,

    Check with John, he might still have one left in inventory.

    Good job with the cross races!