Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Morris vs Friel


So which is better Friel or Morris ?

The true answer is very subjective and really depends on the person and their goals. However after using the Friel plan in 2005 and the Morris plan for 2006 I'm going back to the Friel plan as I train for the this year cross season and for 2007.

I liked the simplicity of the Morris plan but it lead me down a path of not getting enough rest. I really felt this after the Greensfelder race. This is really more my fault then the plan. But, with the Friel plan it lays out a road map that is easy to follow with built in rest periods and a lot more detail. I also let go some of the basics such as hours of sleep, nutrition and hydration. All led me down a path of feeling like crap.

After getting a full week of rest and a plan laid out I'm motivated and ready to train hard for the MO state cross championship and UCI race in December. Monday I officially started training again using the Friel plan. First race is this weekend.

Hope everyone is having a great week, thanks for stopping by.


  1. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Jeff - we need to sit down and talk about your program for next year and what you can do for for for me. I really need to look at a plan.
    Good luck in the X race this week end. We are going to the Quad Cities for some intense fun.

  2. Hey John,

    When you are here in November lets to just that, we can sit down the the Friel book or what ever and talk about a plan.

    I loved that race in the Quad cities last year, what great swag they have. Have a great race.

  3. I have read that book cover to cover and have picked and choose ideas I thought were applicable. It was really designed for someone who had at least one season in, so it didn't work the best. I am going to follow it very closely for 07 now that I know my weakness's. Not sure if I have your discipline though....

  4. Friel is good. I have read his book, then tweeked it to my enduro needs.