Monday, October 30, 2006

Battle for 2nd....

Right from the start of yesterdays race that is where I found myself, battling for 2nd place. Guy from team Mack took off on the first lap creating a large gap that was never brought back in running away with 1st place.

This left me, three Big Shark guys and a team mate in a group of 5 creating our own gap on the field of 18.

photo courtesy of Kurt at Action Images - Check out more pics from the race

Our group of 5 reduced to 4 when one of the Big Shark guys, Mike, took off to secure 2nd place. Then team mate Sven did the same thing to secure 3rd. This left me and two other Big Shark riders Jim and Patrick. Near the end of the 2nd lap I took the lead only to wash out my front tire on one of the off camber grassy sections taking us all down. With no one hurt and bikes ok we were off again with Patrick from Big Shark creating a small gap. I put in an effort to catch and finally caught his wheel. He put the hammer down right after and I was not able to stay on as he actually almost caught Sven near the end. I spent the last half a lap checking my six to make sure Jim did not catch as I crossed the line in5th. Great racing today guys, that was a blast!


  1. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Jeff - interesting racing. Good job.

  2. sounds like fun!

    peace out, yo!