Sunday, October 22, 2006

Back On Track - Thank goodness :)

Today turned out to be a good day. Lots better then last weekends major foul up. Strategy was to forgo the hole-shot approach of going like crazy from the gun for a more conservative one. Stay mid pack then work my way up keeping my aerobic/ anaerobic effort in check so I could last the entire race and have a lot more fun in the mean time.

So with the help of Dawndi Cam I will attempt to recreate the race.

17 B racers came to the line. Weather was cold but not too cold. No muddy conditions, just damp which actually made things softer and eliminated the dust.

Right from the start I was in about 13th place.

Quickly groups formed and I found my self in a group of six. This would be the group I battled with for most of the day.

Our group of six began to dwindle as riders dropped. Six became 3 and we battled on.

Then on a few laps later it was down to 2.

The guy above and I would stay together for several laps till he unfortunately his chain fell and I was on my own with three laps to go.

Near the beginning of the 2nd to last lap I was beginning to gain ground on another racer. By the end of the lap I was on his wheel. We stayed that way till the end. When it came to the last section of the course, I tried to go inside on a tight section, we got caught up a bit making for an unsuccessful pass. We didn't loose any ground other then he on me as he crossed in 6th and I in 7th. Missed a Bubba Race series point by one placing.

Really was a great race with allot to think about. 55 min of racing at an average of 178 HR went by very fast. I love it when you're in a race and all you're thinking about is the race not your vital signs.

Off to get some rest and enjoy what I hope will be another win for the Cards!



  1. Great day of racing for you. Do you have any teammates in these races?
    You ought to see if your schedule has room for the Iowa City event in late Nov. Two days of racing for something like the biggest purse in the country this year... or just for the fun of it.

  2. Great report once again!! Good job man! Great Pics too!

  3. way to go, jeff!

    peace out, yo!

  4. That is Phil who you were racing with from the Big Shark team. He was at the front of the C races last year and decided to move up to the B this year. Good job racing him, he's pretty strong.