Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Upgrade Approved

I took the plunge last week and sent in my request for an upgrade to Cat 3. Just got word back last night after looking at the web site that it approved, I'm officially a cat 3.

To me this upgrade means a lot. I'm not going to kid myself, the cat 3's are fast and it will take lots of hard to work keep up. I'm not expecting to be the best cat 3 out there but I plan to work my ass off to be the best cat 3 I can.

I got into this crazy sport back in June of 03' tracking my hours and miles on the bike. It's been a great experience that has resulted in meeting some great people and having an awesome time. Never would I had thought after consistently bring up the rear during my 1st year of racing would I be at this point with the sport.

So here's to looking forward to 07'!

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Jeff - You'll make a great Cat 3. I hope you can find some team members to work 3's with.