Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pre Ride @ Greensfelder

Took the day off so I could take the short 1 hour ride East to Greensfelder to pre ride the trail before the September 30th race.

Last thing I read about this place was, "you are either going up or gong down" So true!
To get the feel for the place I started with the Dogwood trail.

After about 45 min of this I moved over to the DeClue trail where the race will be held on.

Talk about challenging! Rock, rocks and more rocks with big climbs putting a premium on momentum. Had a blast out there today ready for more. Will be back out there I hope two more times before race day.

Took some time to smell the roses, I mean the trees.

This is near the bottom of one tough area descending over large boulders. Almost cleared it! Put a foot down in the same spot just before the end on both laps.

Planning to head out there on Sunday if the weather holds, post here if you want to join me.

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